My dear friend! You have ridden in/on a steam engine! So have I. My father was station Agent in AshFork. Then, at Grand Canyon for seventeen years! I know the sound; the feel of those steam engines; the rocking of the plates beneath my feet as the fireman heaved a shuvlefull of coal into the firebox. So do you! I rode the diesle engine one evening from Grand Canyon to Williams with General McArther's son (we had stools behind the engineer and the "fireman" 'co-pilot". ) The trip wasn't legal, but my Dad arrainged it. I was maybe about fourteen - probably older. From Grand Canyon to Williams is mostly downhill. From 7500 feet to 6200 feet or close to that. We left at 8:00 pulling seven or eight pulman cars. I can close my eyes and see the controls. Good story, as usual! Thanks!

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